3d plot change view / reverse axis

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john birt
john birt 2011년 5월 3일
I have a 3d plot generated by the following code
d = 30:2:70;
g = 30:2:70;
C = 0.02;
[D,G] = meshgrid(d,g);
Z = (2^(-k-(3/2)).*12*((pi)^(0.5))*C.*(gamma(2-k).*(D.^(2*k-4)+G.^(2*k-4))))./((2^(-k-0.5).*((pi)^0.5)*C.*gamma(1-k).*(D.^(2*k-2)+G.^(2*k-2))).^2);
The problem is that its not very easy to look at the 3d plot produced. If I could somehow look at it from the opposite side or reverse the bottom axis so they went from 70 to 30 (instead of 30 to 70), I could then get a plot that would view better.
Any thoughts on how to do this?

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Matt Fig
Matt Fig 2011년 5월 3일
Have you tried the command:
Put this command after your call to SURF, then click on the plot and spin it around to wherever you want. Also, it would help you keep track of where you are if you put labels in the plot. For example, put this after your call to SURF:

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