Simulation of a rope or cable in Simscape

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Matthias Hueber
Matthias Hueber 2020년 11월 27일
답변: Rhea Chandy 2020년 11월 30일
Is there a possibility to simulate a rope/cable without using Belt-Cables. Can I for example model a Rope with multiple spring-damper-elements like in other Softwares?

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Rhea Chandy
Rhea Chandy 2020년 11월 30일
Consider referring to this example, showing two models of a double mass-spring-damper, one on Simulink and the other in Simscape physical networks.
This previously answered question on Modelling Rope in Simulink/Simscape may give you some further insights on your problem. It refers to a submission to the Mathworks File Exchange, Simscape Multibody Multiphysics Library.

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