Buttons in App Designer and User Prompt Input

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Frederick Fascenelli
Frederick Fascenelli 2020년 11월 24일
답변: Prudhvi Peddagoni 2020년 11월 27일
So I coded the game mancala in MTALAB and now I want to create a clickable gameboard for it in the matlab app designer. So I was wondering, how could I make it were when the user is asked for a input, the user can click a button and that button would be the users input?


Prudhvi Peddagoni
Prudhvi Peddagoni 2020년 11월 27일
You need to add buttons with appropriate labels and use the callback functionality of the buttons to take the input.
Here is a tutorial for making an app that uses slider as input (it uses callback function to acheive this).
Hope this helps.

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