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Name of MEX class other than MexFunction

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Diego Leal Gonzalez
Diego Leal Gonzalez 19 Nov 2020
답변: Priysha LNU 24 Nov 2020
Am I allowed to use a different name for a MEX class other than MexFunction?
I tried the following and gives me a ton of errors (forward declaration of 'MexFunction')
class test : public matlab::mex::Function{
but if I use
class MexFunction : public matlab::mex::Function{
works fine


Pankhuri Kasliwal
Pankhuri Kasliwal 24 Nov 2020
The documentation says that it must be called MexFunction. Please refer to the link given below -

Priysha LNU
Priysha LNU 24 Nov 2020
Here is an excerpt from the documentation:
"Define a C++ MEX function as a class named MexFunction that derives from the matlab::mex::Function class. The MexFunction class overrides the virtual operator() of the matlab::mex::Function class."
So, the class named as "MexFunction" should be entry point.
For more details and examples, refer to the following documentation links:
Hope this helps!
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