How do i deploy a neural network.

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Nitesh Ramdin
Nitesh Ramdin 2020년 11월 16일
편집: Nitesh Ramdin 2020년 11월 20일
I have trained a network using the deep network designer tool. Now how do i using the information on my model?

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drummer 2020년 11월 16일
if you had configured your training options, you deploy like this:
net = trainNetwork(imds, layers, options)
If your're doing everything within the designer, did you go to the training tab, chose your training options and clicked on the Train button?
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Nitesh Ramdin
Nitesh Ramdin 2020년 11월 20일
편집: Nitesh Ramdin 2020년 11월 20일
hello Drummer,
I am building a raspberry pi car(with 4 motors) & Pi camera to use as input device.
I have taken 2000 photos while driving around a track and labeled these either LEFT, RIGHT or FORWARD.
I have trained the folders(LEFT, RIGHT or FORWARD) using the Deep Network designer. So to answer your question, yes i did train by clicking the Train button.
I am at the piont where i have exported Trained netwrk and results.
My question is how do i use these results while on a live PI camera feed to either go LEFT, RIGHT or FORWARD.

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Reeno Joseph
Reeno Joseph 2020년 11월 19일
Hi Nitesh,
Please refer the example raspi_webcam_resnet to know more about the deployment workflow.
In the above example the pre-trained network "resnet50" is used. If you have a custom n/w as a mat file, load it using "coder.loadDeepLearningNetwork('custom_network.mat');"
Hope this helps.


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