Particle swarm solver not available in Global Optimization Toolbox

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SURBHI GOEL 2020년 11월 13일
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I know we should not use app for these as it is going to be removed in future, but I just wanted to try it once.
I have Global Optimization Toolbox installed but still around 5 solvers are missing in it.
Will reinstalling the toolbox work?
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SURBHI GOEL 2020년 11월 13일
Ths command is giving me the path correctly but when I go to the optimization app, I don't get particleswarm as solver in the dropdown menu (shown in the image attached)

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Steve Grikschat
Steve Grikschat 2020년 11월 14일
Optimtool did not support all of the solvers in Optimization and Global Optimization Toolboxes.
If you have installed or have access to R2020b, we've introduced a new UI that has the newer solvers including particleswarm.
Here's a video about it if you'd like to get a sneak peek.
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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza 2020년 11월 14일
편집: Ameer Hamza 2020년 11월 14일
If you read the description on the documentation page: you can see that particleswarm is not available in the optimization app. You will need to write the code to use particle swarm.

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