analysis of variables in a MATLAB table and group analysis of variables

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Christian di Noia
Christian di Noia . 2020년 11월 7일
답변: Abhisek Pradhan . 2020년 11월 12일
Hello, i'm totally new to MATLAB. I'm trying to analyze a 300x120 table. in each colomn i have a title that exprss the quantity i'm considering. So i have lots of variables. I'd like to know how to:
1)make a for loop on al the colums in order to extract descriptive statistics such as mean,std, variance and print for each column an instogram of th distribution, with previous values shown on the graph.
2)make a group analysis(so how can i create a group function?) and plot both on different graphs that on the same graph those group variables. Finally,how can i correlate different variables between the same group? Is there a way to see correlation between all the elements of a specific group subsequently?
Thank you in advance

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Abhisek Pradhan
Abhisek Pradhan 2020년 11월 12일
Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox in MATLAB can be used for descriptive statistics of any dataset. Refer the following link to learn more about descriptive statistics.
And grpstats can be used for grouping data together and getting any summary statistics.


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