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How to open a m file script with current version of matlab.

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Brandon Rodriguez
Brandon Rodriguez 6 Nov 2020
댓글: Rik 9 Nov 2020
Hello, I am having some difficulty opening a .m file. My current version of Matlab is R2020a, i downloaded a provided a m file script for one of my labs, however when i try to open it, it leads to me having to download the R2017b version of matlab. My question is, how do i open this file with my current version (R2020a) instead of having to install an older version. Thank you very much.
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Rik 6 Nov 2020
I sounds like Windows is trying to use an older release to open the m-file. My 'solution' is to open files from Matlab itself.

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Priysha LNU
Priysha LNU 9 Nov 2020
You may refer to following links for possible workarounds:
Hope these help you resolve this query!
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