MATLAB 2020b does not recognize GTX570 even with CUDA 10.2 up-to-date

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drummer 2020년 11월 5일
댓글: drummer 2020년 11월 5일
Hi fellows,
My colleague's system is Windows 7 64 bits.
All NVIDIA stuff is up-to-date, and we checked also using nvidia-smi command lines in prompt. Parallel Computing Toolbox is fine as well.
The error message after typing in MATLAB
is always about to update CUDA to 10.2; even though it is already up-to-date.
One thing to notice is that he's using a trial version. Would it somehow affect what he's facing?
Any thoughts?

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross 2020년 11월 5일
편집: Jason Ross 2020년 11월 5일
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drummer 2020년 11월 5일
Thank you very much Jason. That cleared everything.

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