Complex Principle Component Analysis

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Hasan Kaya
Hasan Kaya 2020년 11월 5일
댓글: Tomás Costa 2021년 5월 5일
Hello Everyone,
Nowadays I am studying with Complex Principle Component Analysis. Firstly I read some essays about it but also I need some tutorial to understand it well. Can you please help me if anyone is interested in this topic?
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Tomás Costa
Tomás Costa 2021년 5월 5일
Hello, did you manage to find anything related to CPC that can be applicable in Matlab?

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Shraddha Jain
Shraddha Jain 2020년 11월 13일
Hi Hasan,
There is no tutorial on Complex Principal Component Analysis as of now. This might be included in a future release.
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Hasan Kaya
Hasan Kaya 2020년 11월 13일
Hi Shraddha,
Thanks for your answer. Is there any source to learn it deeply?

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