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How to apply modifiers to error messages

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Cameron Grace
Cameron Grace 30 Oct 2020
댓글: Cameron Grace 30 Oct 2020
Hi there this is the code I have been working with and I want to know from an actual example on how to apply a change in font size to the error pop up window. I am aware of the modifiers, using "TeX Markups," but this is extremely not clear in that there are no simple examples. Can someone tell where '\fontsize{15} text' goes?
opts = struct('WindowStyle','replace',...
f = errordlg('This is my error message')
The way its written it looks like this is where it goes, but this is clearly not correct.
f = errordlg('\fontsize{15}This is my error message')
Thank you for whowever can help me with this.
All the best!

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Peter O
Peter O 30 Oct 2020
You've almost got it. The TeX formatting is correct. You need to include the interpreter and modality of the window in a struct as the 3rd argument, which means you also need to specify the title bar for the dialog window (I'm showing modal here, but 'non-modal' and 'replace' also work)
errordlg('\fontsize{15}This is my error', 'My Error Dialog', struct('Interpreter','TeX','WindowStyle','Modal'))

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Cameron Grace
Cameron Grace 30 Oct 2020
Thank you, Peter! Man, I was wracking my brain on this one. I was not definitively not using the 3rd argument. I greatly appreciate the fast response!

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 30 Oct 2020
f = errordlg('\fontsize{3}This is my error message', 'Woops', opts);
Where 'Woops' is the title to give to the dialog.

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Cameron Grace
Cameron Grace 30 Oct 2020
Thank you as well Walter! These both did the trick.

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