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How do I fix my legend?

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Hello, I am creating a graph with mutiple for loops to obtain data, the problem at the moment is when I try to creat a legend corresponding to each specific value the it is only seeing the first for loop.
figure, hold on
for i=1:size(AB,1)
a1 = VAB(:,1)'*AB(i,:)';
b1 = VAB(:,2)'*AB(i,:)';
for i=1:size(CD,1)
c1 = VCD(:,1)'*CD(i,:)';
d1 = VCD(:,2)'*CD(i,:)';
for i=1:size(EF,1)
e1 = VEF(:,1)'*EF(i,:)';
f1 = VEF(:,2)'*EF(i,:)';
for i=1:size(GH,1)
g1 = VGH(:,1)'*GH(i,:)';
h1 = VGH(:,2)'*GH(i,:)';
grid on, set(gca,'FontSize',15)
axis ([-1 1 -.1 .1])

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Star Strider
Star Strider 27 Oct 2020
For every plot call, return a handle:
h1 = plot(a1,b1,'ko','LineWidth',3);
. . .
h2 = plot(c1,d1,'bo','LineWidth',3);
. . .
h3 = plot(e1,f1,'go','LineWidth',3);
. . .
h4 = plot(g1,h1,'mo','LineWidth',3);
then in the legend call:
legend([h1 h2 h3 h4],'CAP','Capsiate','RTX','CPZ')
That should do what you want.
I cannot test it with your code, so I am posting this as UNTESTED CODE. It should work.

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Connor Miller
Connor Miller 27 Oct 2020
That worked perfectly, thank you so much!!!
Star Strider
Star Strider 28 Oct 2020
As always, my pleasure!

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