I want to fill these 15 equal zones with the different %age value and these values to be depicted by color scale

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AASHNA SUNEJA 2020년 10월 26일
댓글: AASHNA SUNEJA 2020년 11월 6일
N = 4; % divides to 4 parts
N1 = 10;
a = linspace(0, 2*pi, N*10);
a1 = linspace(0,2*pi, N1*10);
r1 = 100;
x = r1*cos(a1);
y = r1*sin(a1);
x1 = r2*cos(a1);
y1 = r2*sin(a1);
x2 = r3*cos(a);
y2 = r3*sin(a);
plot(x, y,'k')
hold on
plot([x1(1:10:end);x(1:10:end)], [y1(1:10:end);y(1:10:end)])
hold on
x1 = r2*cos(a);
y1 = r2*sin(a);
plot(x1, y1,'r')
plot([x2(1:10:end); x1(1:10:end)], [y2(1:10:end); y1(1:10:end)])
plot(x2, y2,'b')
hold off
axis equal


Ayush Bansal
Ayush Bansal 2020년 10월 29일
Use fill(X,Y,C) to fill the polygon having X,Y coordinates, with colour defined by C.
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AASHNA SUNEJA 2020년 11월 6일
Thank you Ayush for the help
This is exactly what I needed but there is just one problem. The figure obtained is not symmetric either all of the zones should be divided by equal distance or there should be no gap between the zones as shown in the figure attached.
I am attaching the figure EXACTLY I need and the one I am getting.

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