Navigation Toolbox altimeter sensor in Simulink?

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Devin Bell
Devin Bell 2020년 10월 17일
댓글: Devin Bell 2020년 10월 23일
The Navigation Tool box has a number of features that are not included as blocks, such as the ahrs10filter and the altimeterSensor. How can I implement these objects into a simulink model. Or is it possible to call the functions from simulink somehow?


Ryan Salvo
Ryan Salvo 2020년 10월 19일
Hi Devin,
For the altimeterSensor and other features that do not have a corresponding Simulink block, one possible workaround is including the feature in a MATLAB Function block.
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Devin Bell
Devin Bell 2020년 10월 23일
Hi Ryan,
Thank you for the quick response, I tried that as a workaround, however I received parser erros and coder errors when I tried to implement it. Could you show me the proper way to set up system objects like the altimeter to be called from a function block?

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