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Simulink for current realization in dB

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Siddhi Kadam
Siddhi Kadam . 2020년 10월 4일
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How can we realize in simulink if we have been specified that some current is x dB of some other currrent? For e.g. i1 = 15 dB of i2. Do we take 20 log of i2 as we normally do for power or is there something else to it. How can this be realized in simulink?
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Siddhi Kadam
Siddhi Kadam 2020년 10월 7일
only one current is known i2 and x is known

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Aman Vyas
Aman Vyas 2020년 10월 9일
You can use Matlab Function block in your simulink and customize it as required. There claerly you can first convert dB to linear gain and then finally can use i1= x* i2; where x is linear gain.
For more on this function you can refer to below documentation link:
Hope it helps !


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