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Implementing viterbi decoder in matlab with k=7 , r=1/2

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Jimmy cho
Jimmy cho 1 Oct 2020
댓글: Jimmy cho 6 Oct 2020
Hi guys, I've a message in binary that's an output of convolutional encoder that its parameters is k=7 , r=1/2.
So Im trying to implement a viterbi decoder which I've seen that matlab provide already built viterbi decoder and Im trying to use it but apprently Im getting wrong decoded message. my code of viterbi decoder in matlab is: (the input is encoded message which it's the output of convolutional encoder that its parameters is k=7 , r=1/2).
function ViterbiDecoderMsg= ViterbiDecoder(encodedmsg)
constlen = 7;
codegen = [171, 133]; % G1=171 , G2=133.
trellis = poly2trellis(constlen, codegen);
tblen = length(encodedmsg) /2 ; %divided by two because the output of encoder is two bits so the opposite I need to devide by 2 in the decoder.
Im getting wrong decoded message , could anyone pelase help me if my viterbi decoder with k=7 and r=1/2 that I use is correct? I mean the parameters of using poly2trellis and vitdec functions.
Second question, how can I use Viterbi Decoder with soft decision in my case? I tried to write instead of 'hard' -> 'soft'
it didn't work, a pleasure if anyone could help me how can I use soft decision with Viterbi decoder of matlab.
thanks alot for any help guys!

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Jimmy cho
Jimmy cho 2 Oct 2020
Any help guys? thanks in advance.
Jimmy cho
Jimmy cho 6 Oct 2020
@Bharath Venkataraman could you please help me here? appreciated.

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