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how to create 3 link robot using robotic toolbox

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Cheng Yoong
Cheng Yoong 22 Apr 2011
댓글: esraa 25 Apr 2017
I'm trying to create a 3 links revolute robot using robotic toolbox release 8.
I define the links as below:
L1=link([0 1 0 0 0],'standard')
L2=link([0 1 0 0 0],'standard')
L3=link([0 1 0 0 0],'standard')
r=robot({L1 L2 L3})
plot(r,[1 1])
but it returns error"Insufficient columns in q"
how to solve this?

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sry not arm=Serialink,it is r=SerialLink
Keval Shah
Keval Shah 21 Feb 2017
Im not able to form transformation matrix with link.A, says, too many i/p arguments
esraa 25 Apr 2017
Excuse me I am new to this , but can you tell me on what basis are the values assigned to q1, q2 and q ?

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Chirag Gupta
Chirag Gupta 22 Apr 2011
편집: Walter Roberson 21 Feb 2017
Try this:
L1 = link([0 1 0 0],'standard')
L2 = link([0 1 0 0],'standard')
L3 = link([0 1 0 0],'standard')
r = robot({L1,L2,L3})
The last matrix [1,1,1] is the default positions of the links.
To play further, try

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Cheng Yoong
Cheng Yoong 23 Apr 2011
Can I use the robotic tool to create a GUI software and export it as .exe file?

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