How to connect non-ideal IGBT with RL load?

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Tomasz Gulczynski
Tomasz Gulczynski 2020년 9월 25일
답변: Sabin 2024년 1월 23일
I want to run simulation of inverter with non-ideal MOSFET/IGBT. I want to disable the snubber, but Simulink don't allow me to do that, so i got an error:
"The following two blocks cannot be connected in series: Block 1: 'Mosfet2/Ideal Switch' Block 2: 'Series RLC Branch' The first block, modeled as a current source, cannot be connected in series with the inductive element of the second block. Add a high-value resistance in parallel with one of the two block. You can also specify high-value resistive snubbers if the blocks have a snubber device.You can also avoid the use of the snubbers by selecting the 'Enable use of ideal switching devices' option of powergui block."
When I set any inductance Lon different 0 then i got that error.
Is there any solution for that? I must run simulation with tranistor which takes into commutation distrubance and off time of transistor. Please help me.

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Sabin 2024년 1월 23일


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