Embedded Coder - How to generate code without optimizations?

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Giuseppe Narracci
Giuseppe Narracci 2020년 9월 22일
편집: stozaki 2020년 10월 8일
Hello ,
I want to generate C Code from my simulink model (with embedded coder).
In my simulink model there are 4 MATLAB Function Blocks and I want to generate 4 functions with input and output.
With the standard configuration the embedded coder generates a single big function with no input and output.
How can I improve my code generation with functions that correspond to MATLAB block functions?

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stozaki 2020년 9월 23일
Hello Giuseppe,
Subsystems, such as the MATLAB Function block, generate inlined code by default.
If you want the subsystem to be an independent function, change the code generation options to allow arguments.
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stozaki 2020년 10월 8일
You can change the argument settings from the code mapping editor. And You can change the C return argument from void to output such as y.

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