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Matlab WebApp Server SSL Digital Certificate key size

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I'm trying to start a Matlab WebApp Server with SSL and I get this error in the log file:
"The input data corresponds to a key of size 4096 instead of the expected size 2048"
The server works fine without the SSL. Do I need a new certificate with a 2048 bit key?

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Kojiro Saito
Kojiro Saito 1 Oct 2020
It seems that currently MATLAB Web App Server only allows SSL certificates with 2048 bits. I've reported this issue to the development team.

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Dino Metarapi
Dino Metarapi 5 Oct 2020
I can confirm this. We tested out two SSL certificates (the 90 day, free, self-signed ones). The 2048 bit one worked while the 4096 bit one didn't (same error as before).
Still, it would've been nice if you documented this somewhere so we wouldn't have to waste money on a new certificate.

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