How to align two images from different sources?

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Kev . 2020년 9월 20일
편집: Kev . 2020년 9월 24일
I am working on a project to fuse two images, RGB + Infrared (1 Channel). I noticed the images from RGB source has a slightly wider angle than IR source. Both image souces have different resolution as well. RGB 1800x1600pixels, whereas IR source 640x512 pixels. I have tried to manually crop and then feed new image into fusion algorithm, but I would not consider my croping to be as good. Is there an optimal way to align two images, so that they can be fed into an algorithm?

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Sai Sri Pathuri
Sai Sri Pathuri 2020년 9월 23일
You may use imfuse function. Link to documentation:
First resize the RGB image and then apply imfuse
a = imread('RGBImage.jpg');
a = imresize(a,[512,640]);
b = imread('IRImage.jpg');
c = imfuse(a,b);
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Kev 2020년 9월 24일
편집: Kev 님. 2020년 9월 24일
Hi Sai!
Thanks a lot for getting back to me! I have attempted above fusion, but it doesn't look very good as you can see shadows. Maybe if I can crop the images properly, maybe it will have less shadow. I am also planning to run the fusion through a different algorithm. My goal is to reduce shadows, or have no shadows at all.
Sample output image 1)
Thanks a lot!!

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