How to apply the heuristic algorithms for prediction/modeling process?.

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Hello everyone,
I have dataset divided into training and testing. I need to apply heuristic algorithms for the modeling / simulation process.
Can anyone help me.


Puru Kathuria
Puru Kathuria 2021년 2월 26일
A general workflow is described in the below steps:
  • Define the problem you want to solve by defining the input variables and the output variable. (Ex: Prediction or Classification)
  • Explore the dataset of the underlying problem. (Ex: Probability distribution of the data)
  • Divide the dataset between Train/Test/Validation.
  • Choose a mathematical model or algorithm that will help you model the problem and predict the output. (Ex: Neural Networks, SVM, Linear Regression etc)
  • Now, train that algorithm on your train dataset and perform prediction using Test data set. Find the performance of the algorithm using various metrics. (Ex: MSE, Accuracy, Precision)
  • Follow these examples for detailed implementation of the above mentioned workflow:
  • Keyword spotting using LSTMs
  • Handwriting Recognition using Classification trees
  • Linear Regression
Hope it helps!

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