use Of constant in simulink

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Alessandro Matteucci
Alessandro Matteucci 2020년 9월 18일
답변: stozaki 2020년 9월 20일
Hey everyone, I’m searching how to use the constant block for introducing a constant degree(angle) in simulink. Thank you for your help
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Alessandro Matteucci
Alessandro Matteucci 2020년 9월 20일
Yes. Thank you.

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stozaki 2020년 9월 20일
Thank you for your reply.
If you give an immediate value to a Constant block, you cannot set the "unit" attribute to that value. If you want to set the "unit" attribute, use the Simulink.Parameter object.
I created a sample model with R2020a. You should open this model and update the model (Ctrl + D). Then you can see that the model has "units" set. At this time, set the output data type of the Constant block to Inherit: Inherit from'Constant value'.

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