How would I plot a sin wave.

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Nicholas Deosaran
Nicholas Deosaran . 2020년 9월 17일
답변: Sai Sri Pathuri . 2020년 9월 22일
Hey all how would this be coded?
For a period of 10 seconds and an amplitude of 1 meter, develop a variable that consists of a sine wave of 2 periods where data are determined every tenth of a second.
i have an idea like this
t = [0:1/10:10];
y = 2*sin(t);
plot (t,a)
But I dont know if that is corrent
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Asad (Mehrzad) Khoddam
Asad (Mehrzad) Khoddam 2020년 9월 17일
For period of 10 seconds, f =1/10 or f=0.1 in the above equation.

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Sai Sri Pathuri
Sai Sri Pathuri 2020년 9월 22일
Since you want to plot a sine wave of 2 periods in a time of 10 seconds, the time period of sine wave must be 5.
freq = 1/5;
sineWave = sin(2*pi*freq*t);
As amplitude required is 1, you need not multiply the sine wave with any coefficient. Hence, sineWave variable defined above is suffice. You can plot it as

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