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Integrating MATLAB code to an ASP.NET website

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Den D.
Den D. 13 Sep 2020
답변: Kojiro Saito 13 Sep 2020
I intend to use some MATLAB image processing functions in an ASP.NET website. Based on prior research I've done:
  • It is possible for MATLAB code to be used in dotNET applications, using MATLAB Coder and MATLAB Compiler
  • MATLAB Coder converts MATLAB code into C, but is not compatible with image IO features
  • MATLAB Compiler can be used to generate DLL files for use in dotNET applications, but requires MATLAB Runtime to be installed first
Since from my understanding MATLAB-generated DLL files require MATLAB Runtime, the planned image processing functions won't run if the website is viewed from phones or tablets.
Is it possible to have MATLAB Runtime within the website files? And are there other ways you recommend for having MATLAB functions in an ASP website?

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Kojiro Saito
Kojiro Saito 13 Sep 2020
You can use MATLAB with web applications as described in Program Offering Guide. Part Three describes the license use with exteranl applications such as web servers.
As of R2020a, if you're using MATLAB under Concurrent License Option, Total Headcount License Option or Enterprise License Option, you can use it with web applications. If you're using Individual, Network Named User and Designated Computer License, you may use it but the dedicated license would be required.
Also, you can implement the integration with web applications with MATLAB Compiler (execution files), MATLAB Compile SDK (such as .NET assembly).In that case, MATLAB Runtime is needed to be installed in the server where the web application will call. So, you don't need to care about mobile phones because MATLAB Runtime is running on the server, not on the device where HTML/JavaScript executes.

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