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axial ratio - Antenna toolbox

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carlo francescangeli
Dear Madam or Sir,
I am an user of the antenna toolbox. Nice program . Congratulations .
However I think than some importants function are missing
a. circular ( elliptical ) polarization :
1. would like to know how calculate the ellipse tilt angle ?
2. How can I determine, calculate or vizualize the phase between the H y V component ?
b. Impedance calculation :
1. I dont see a function to see the real part off the complex impedance
Thank you for your help
Carlo Francescangeli


Snehal Borole
Snehal Borole 17 Dec 2020
I understand that you need to find ellipse tilt angle and visualize phase between H and V components. For this you can use Phased Array System Toolbox.
For further information refer Polarized Fields and polellip function available in MATLAB. Also, to find real part of the complex impedance you can use code as shown below:
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carlo francescangeli
carlo francescangeli 21 Dec 2020
Dear Snehal
Thank you for your answer and the tips .However in my case i am working in an single antenna , not a phased array . Your answer don't help me very much
Merry christmas

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