Isolating Scissors in a binary image

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Adam Kelly
Adam Kelly 2020년 8월 25일
답변: Abhishek Gupta 2020년 8월 27일
Hey so I am stuck on this problem and would love any advice on how to start to solve it.
I have this binary image and I want to isolate the scissors from the rest of the objects in the image. My problem is I am not sure how to start.
Any help would be great!


Abhishek Gupta
Abhishek Gupta 2020년 8월 27일
Hi Adam,
This is similar to extracting a class of objects from a binary image using properties.
Find the code below for detecting the scissors using area property: -
Img = imread('data.png'); % read original image
complementImg = imcomplement(Img); % complement image
grayImg = rgb2gray(complementImg); % convert to grayscale
binImg = imbinarize(grayImg); % binarize
% Extract scissors using area property
outImg = bwpropfilt(binImg, 'area', [1200 1500]);
% display original & output image
Output: -


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