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xlsread import empty cell from excel file

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Good day,
I have created a script where I run through various excel files stored in a folder, and import certain areas into Matlab. As per below short example:
Test_files = dir([SourceFolder '*.xlsx']);
No_of_Tests = size(Test_files,1);
for n = 1:No_of_Tests
Test_filename = Test_files(n).name;
X(n,:) = xlsread(Perf_filename,'TEST','D101'); %Parameter 1
In some instances the field in the excel file is left blank. At that time my script crashed.
How can I make xlsread import an empty cell as NaN or Blank or something similar?
Thanks in advance for your kind assistance.

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dpb 20 Aug 2020
편집: dpb 20 Aug 2020
Can't that way... xlsread imports what it finds as numeric and an empty cell is not numeric. You could use the multiple optional returns and read the raw cell that (I think, untested) will return an empty cell.
Probably the easiest kludge to fix your problem is
Test_files = dir([SourceFolder '*.xlsx']);
No_of_Tests = size(Test_files,1);
for n = 1:No_of_Tests
X(n,:) = xlsread(Test_files(n).name,'TEST','D101');
But, per the doc xlsread is deprecated, anyways; use one of the suggested alternates (altho even there you may have trouble with a single empty cell expecting numeric result).

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wessel ter Laare
wessel ter Laare 21 Aug 2020
Hi dpb,
Thanks for your reply, much appreciated.
You are correct, when using the raw option it does work. Only for some reason import a 1 x 2 cell with first value [] and second value as NaN.
Think I can work with this.

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