How to binarize this image with removing some noises with smooth surface and getting red laser line in the binary image

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Prashant 2020년 8월 19일
답변: jonas 2020년 8월 19일
here is my image and i want to binarize the image but i need also red line called laser in the image in the form of binary, which is important for me. i did binarize my image but i did not get beeter output. also i want to remove blue fringes in my image upto black mark.
if anyone know then try to figure this out.
I have also written my code and i attched as Three_plane.m


jonas 2020년 8월 19일
I had some difficulty obtaining a solid black line by thresholding only. Since its a simple straight line, you could try something like this:
RGB = imread('image.png');
[R,G,B] = imsplit(RGB);
%threshold to get some points along line + some noise
BW = (R > 100) & (G < 100) & (B < 100);
%remove noise
BW = bwareaopen(BW,5);
%find line indices
[y,x] = find(BW == true);
%fit line
xv = 1:size(BW,2);
ft = polyfit(x,y,1)
yv = polyval(ft,xv)
imshow(BW);hold on
You could then use insertShape (CV toolbox) to "paint" the line coordinates into the image, if needed.

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