Parameter settings for gtcc feature extraction in the aFE and extract() function

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Yunxing Tian
Yunxing Tian 2020년 8월 12일
댓글: Yunxing Tian 2020년 8월 15일
In gtcc() function, there is an argument called "FilterDomain", default to frequency. If it is set to "time", it indicates the Garmmarton filters are applied in the time domain.
Is there any possibility that this can also be achieved by using extract function()? In aFE, there are no settings like this "FilterDomain" for GTCC or ERB.

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Brian Hemmat
Brian Hemmat 2020년 8월 15일
The audioFeatureExtractor object does not support time-domain filtering for GTCC.
I am curious, what is your use-case? Are you extracting other features as well?
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Yunxing Tian
Yunxing Tian 2020년 8월 15일
Thanks a lot, I am trying to implement the code for a previous researach.
GTCC, MFCC are used.
Anyway, thanks for your sugesstion

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