How to correct the distorted images after getting information from camera calibrated images?

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I need a direction: I did an exteriment with underwater camera GOPRO 7 and now I need to measure the size of the object I capture under water, basically its a cysinder with the known diameter. But the video was made on angle and I want to straighten the video so whenever I extract images it will be straight.
I did bit of the research and I came to know that I should learn camera calibration which then remove the distortion from the images. Hence I watched few you tube videos where people are using "camera calibrator app" to extract the parameter of the camera.
I did the same thing with checker board and extract the information but I would like to know what is next? how to run the corrections on the images?
Hope I will get the answer!

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Raunak Gupta
Raunak Gupta 2020년 8월 6일
Hi Muhammad,
The Single Camera Calibrator App documentation tell in detail about the step involved in calibrating an image. You may carefully look the steps and get started. Also the example is based on GoPro only so it will make it easier to figure out the details in your case. There are some more examples here.
Hope it helps!
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Mahmoud Abdelgawad
Mahmoud Abdelgawad 2021년 7월 13일
Hi Raunak
i have a question, i used the camera calibrator app and after the calibration i got images, that actually are distorted from the edges, like in the middle of the image, where the checkerboard lies, there is no distortion, but near the edges a strong distortion can be recognized. so it seems like camera calibrator app made even more distortion instead of correcting it!! can you please tell me, what does it mean! i tried with different checkerboard and i got always a distorted images near the edges.
Thanks in advance.

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