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Matlab is stuck in busy after simple line of code

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Tunç Arslan
Tunç Arslan 29 Jul 2020
댓글: Yongca Zhao 18 Jan 2021
Hello there,
I just installed Matlab 2020a. I also have Matlab 2014a on my computer as well. My problem is, 2020a starts without an issue and "ready" prompts at bottom left. But the moment I write a simple line of code, for example "a = 5" to the command window, it gets stuck in busy and never finishes execution. Is there a fix to this or do I have to reinstall 2020a from scratch?


Urmila Rajpurohith
Urmila Rajpurohith 22 Oct 2020
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Yongca Zhao
Yongca Zhao 18 Jan 2021
There is no use for my current problem.
The comman execute any code, when type in some simple code, then MATLAB got stuck in busy. Also the preferrence can't be opened..
SO could you help me ? Thank you so much.

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