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Simulink-Library / Softing CAN-AC2-PCI SJA 1000 missing for Matlab 2018 / Urgent Issue

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Christoph Messmer
Christoph Messmer 28 Jul 2020
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
We are using Softing CanBus-PCI cards at our University lab for "Hardware in the Loop" testing.
The setup is Matlab/Simulink on a xPCTarget and CanBus communication with the hardware.
The programs worked with the 2016b version, but now on the 2018b, there are no Softing Receive, Send, Packing and Unpacking blocks within the Simulink library anymore. Has there been a change?
Thank you for your quick reply in advance.
Kind regards
Chrisotph Messmer
FHNW University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland

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Diego Kuratli
Diego Kuratli 28 Jul 2020
Softing CAN board is no longer supported.
See Simulink Real-Time release notes:

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Christoph Messmer
Christoph Messmer 29 Jul 2020
Dear Diego
Thank you for the answer an explanation! It is now clear, how to proceed.
Best regards

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