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how to load an ASCII file

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I am trying to load an ASCII file that I downloaded from CST. But the usual load tricks that I do don't seem to work and I cannot seem to find the correct method to load the file. The ASCII text file has multiple columns and a the headers are seperated from the rest of the column with one row of --------- signs. This makes it harder to put the columns into variables. Is there any advice to fix this issue?
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Nandakumar Unnikrishnan
I am attaching Trial (since the txt file was too big). I tried textscan too, but that did not seem to work correctly. I could have used it wrong, but since I've not used it before I don't know for sure.

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jonas 25 Jul 2020
편집: jonas 26 Jul 2020
Based on the sample given in the comments
A = readmatrix('Trial 1.txt')
or better yet,
opts = detectImportOptions('Trial 1.txt','VariableNamesLine',1);
T = readtable('Trial 1.txt',opts);
for older versions you can use textscan
fid = fopen('Trial 1.txt')
out = textscan(fid,repmat('%f',1,10),'headerlines',2,'collectoutput',1)
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Nandakumar Unnikrishnan
Thank you. This seems to work now

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