Kmeans with matrix data

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Angela Marino
Angela Marino 2020년 7월 23일
답변: Rajani Mishra 2020년 7월 28일
Hi everyone I would need to use kmeans for a data matrix 120 * 28 where 120 is the number of elements of which I have the 28 observations in a certain period of time. Can I use kmean? How can I get a chart like this?
Attached are my details.
% k-means model
[idx C] = kmeans(pers_ML_allSim,3);
% k-means con distanza diversa da quella Euclidea
[idx2 C2] = kmeans(pers_ML_allSim,3,"Distance","cityblock","Replicates",5);


Rajani Mishra
Rajani Mishra 2020년 7월 28일
The example image mentioned in the question is from this link :
For similar results store your data in a matrix and use the same matrix in place of "X" matrix used in the code mentioned in the documentation link.

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