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How to pass gui output to workspace?

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Curious Mind
Curious Mind 2020년 7월 20일
댓글: Stephen Cobeldick 2020년 7월 23일
Hello, I am trying to develop a gui using matlab app designer. 1. How do I write the code such that the output of a push button appears in the workspace? 2. I used the property tool to share data across but for some reason this only works if the output is physically present in the workspace. The output is a structure called F. How do I correct this? I am using evalin(‘base’, ‘F’) in the property section. If I can find a way to make the output appear in the workspace then the app will work fine.
Thank you
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Anirudh Singh
Anirudh Singh 2020년 7월 23일
You can use "assignin" function to store data in the workspace either 'base' or 'caller' depending upon your requirements.
For more information check the documentation link for "assignin" function:

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