Error in Quad, suggestions required ?

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Tonu . 2012년 12월 15일
syms E
numer = inline('0.99954.*E + ((0.58058-0.044967.*m).*R.*T');
deno = inline('E + (2.54 + 0.94057.*m).*R.*T');
f1 = quad('numer./deno',80,158);
I basically want to calculate the integral of f1 which is a function of E,
it gives me an error . . Not enough inputs to inline function.
When I substitute the the whole function into quad i.e. substituting the function r and fun_e directly, the code works fine but not this way ?
I want to basically define the function in symbolic way step by step and then use it with quad, to integrate,
Any suggestions would help, Thanks, Tonu

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Matt Fig
Matt Fig 2012년 12월 15일
Don't mix inlines with symbolics this way.
syms E m R T
f1 = int((0.99954.*E + ((0.58058-0.044967.*m).*R.*T))./(E + (2.54 + 0.94057.*m).*R.*T),E,80,158);
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Tonu 2012년 12월 17일
@ Matt Thank you for the prompt reply sir, Actually in my case , the m R t are the inputs and what I wanted to learn was that, Instead of syms E m R T f1 = int((0.99954.*E + ((0.58058-0.044967.*m).*R.*T))./(E + (2.54 + 0.94057.*m).*R.*T),E,80,158); I wanted to code
f1 = int(numer/deno, 80,158) ;
the equation I want to solve is a complicated one (eventually, not shown here) and wanted to simplify the same by coding it as asked in my Original question . Any suggestions would be helpful. thanks,

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