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Is the command "cclean " removede in r2020b

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Hello everybody,
I changed from MATLAB r2019b to r2020a and I noticed that the command:
does not work anymore.
I use this quite often to remove old unused C-Code generated for my Real-Time System from the current directory.
Is there any new function which do the same?
Thanks for your help in advance!

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 16 Jul 2020
"cclean" does not appear to be part of MATLAB ?
Note: we cannot talk about what might or might not be present in R2020b; it is under non-disclosure agreement.

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Diego Kuratli
Diego Kuratli 22 Jul 2020
cclean was an hidden (undocumented) function in the speedgoat library. It has been removed.

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