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Why didn't the PBPK model simulate till the stopping time (5000 minutes) but only for a fraction of a minute after the injection time? I used different solvers but still it didn't work. How can I solve that without writing codes?

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Arthur Goldsipe
Arthur Goldsipe 15 Jul 2020
It's very hard to say what's going on without having reproduction steps. Can you share your model and the steps you used to simulate and generate the plot?
In the absence of more information, here are some possible explanations:
  • The simulation stopped early because of the number of logged time points matched the MaximumNumberOfLogs stop criterion.
  • The simulation stopped early because the amount of real-world time to simulate matched or exceeded the MaximumWallClock stop criterion.
  • The simulation ran to completion, but your plot is only showing the results at the times specified in the OutputTimes property.
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Nouran Zaid
Nouran Zaid 16 Aug 2020
Thank you

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