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fopen syntax, a new usage???

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jason lee
jason lee 13 Jul 2020
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i found a usage of fopen which is not found in MATLAB documentations
here is my code
s = 'name';
fileID = fopen([s,'.txt'],'w');
this syntax really works. but i could not found the source.
the ordinary usage of fopen could be
fileID = fopen('name.txt','w')
is MATLAB documentation uncomplete?
thank you!

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Stephen Cobeldick
Stephen Cobeldick 13 Jul 2020
"but i could not found the source."
Did you try reading the source that I gave in your earlier question?
"is MATLAB documentation uncomplete?"
No. Just because you combined several commands and could not find that specific combination of commands in the documentation does not mean that the documentation is "uncomplete". Lets try another example: here are some commands that I combined just now:
Will we find that combination in the MATLAB documentation? I very much doubt it. Does this mean that the MATLAB documentation is "uncomplete" ? No, it does not. It means the user needs to look up each of those commands separately, understand how they work, and undertand how the combination works. This is exactly the same for all programming languages.

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi 13 Jul 2020
It’s not so complicated [] is used for concatenation
['name', '.txt'] % try it in command window and see what happens

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Stephen Cobeldick
Stephen Cobeldick 13 Jul 2020
"The syntax for fopen() does not require a literal quoted character vector..."
Are there any functions where a literal character vector is required? I cant imagine how this restriction would be useful, nor how the compiler would realistically enforce this.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 13 Jul 2020
Only for obtuse meanings of "required"
In the case of using command syntax instead of function syntax, then if an argument has whitespace or semi-colon or comma in it, then you need to use apostrophes (I seem to remember some cases where double-quotes did not do the trick, but I have not re-tested that in a couple of releases.)
jason lee
jason lee 13 Jul 2020
yes, thank you all.
as Walter Roberson says '...including a variable that holds the file name.'
that's everything that i need.

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