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Add new row to String Array.

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Adam Brabec
Adam Brabec 12 Jul 2020
댓글: Adam Brabec 19 Jul 2020 0:26
I have a Xx1 string array and I currently have something on the lines of:
strarray.full = [strarray.full;NEWDATA];
The code will add a new line each loop, and will re create the string array each time.
This works fine for smaller files, but the txt files I am reading are around 200,000 lines, so this takes around 20 minutes to run.
I am trying to get something like this to work to avoid having to re create the matrix each loop and make it alot faster.
strarray.full(end+1,1) = NEWDATA
I keep getting the Error "Unable to perform assignment becuse the indices on the left side are not compatible with the size of the right side"
The first loop results in an empty NEWDATA. I also do not believe I am allowed to share the code itself.

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the cyclist
the cyclist 12 Jul 2020
You can preallocate memory for the entire string array with
str = strings(200000,1);
and then fill row-by-row rather than appending. This will avoid the string array being copied to different memory locations as it fills, and should radically speed up the operation.

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Adam Brabec
Adam Brabec 12 Jul 2020
Hi Cyclist,
I was able to rework the code in the way you suggested so thank you.I'm not sure why, but it appears to be slower than the original method.
The loop times still drastically increase as the matrix is being filled. I stopped it at around 30 minutes.

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Adam Brabec
Adam Brabec 13 Jul 2020
I was able to find a fix using a "Dumping matrix" that after each .txt file I read, it takes the dump matrix and add it to the end larger matrix.
This knocked the time down from 20 minutes to 7 minutes.

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Adam Brabec
Adam Brabec 18 Jul 2020 16:57
I'm sorry Cyclist, that is close to the format as I'm allowed to post. I dont want to break any rules for the company I work at.
I kept looking around and found Pre-allocating ended up being correct, but for some reason, pre-allocating structures doesn't work.
with pre allocating the string array like you suggested earlier, I switched it from:
strarray.full(j) = [NEWDATA];
full(j) = [full;NEWDATA];
where j is a counting variable.
I apologize I frustrated you and wasted your time. I appreciate you still trying to help me.
the cyclist
the cyclist 18 Jul 2020 22:30
Not frustrated, and I don't feel like I wasted my time. I'm just trying to help you get to a solution efficiently.
Just bear in mind that any work you leave for someone else, rather than doing that prep work yourself, has to be done by every person who tries to help you. So, it can be a hurdle that some people just won't bother with.
Adam Brabec
Adam Brabec 19 Jul 2020 0:26
Looking back at what I posted, I completely understand. From now I will be sure to do more prep work.

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