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Indexing a cell array column from multiple sources

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Hi, I need to index a column of a 'results' table using different different sources.
The first row is empty (' '), the rows after that are the names from a filelist (''), this works fine.
However, the rows after that I'd like to assign elements from my string 'combinedToneNames'.
But I can't get this to work nicely: getting all 3 tone names (see snippet below) to show up below each other in new rows.
combinedToneNames = ['ClowD(-0dB)', 'EF(-0dB)', 'BChigh(-0dB)'];
results = {'',, combinedToneNames}';
This gives the following result, I've clarified it a bit as well as added what I'd want it to be like:
combinedToneNames appears to be a 1x31 char, so I then tried splitting the string on whitespaces ( )
combinedToneNames = ['ClowD(-0dB)' 'EF(-0dB)' 'BChigh(-0dB)'];
splitCombToneNames = split(combinedToneNames);
results = {'',, splitCombToneNames}';
This gave the exact same result as above.
I also tried looping through combinedToneNames:
combinedToneNames = ['ClowD(-0dB)', 'EF(-0dB)', 'BChigh(-0dB)'];
for kk = 1:length(combinedToneNames)
results = {'',, combinedToneNames(kk)}';
This gave:
Anyone knows how to get information from a char to index different rows?

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madhan ravi
madhan ravi 11 Jul 2020 = {'sjdjd.wav', 'sjdjf.wav'}; % example names
combinedToneNames = {'ClowD(-0dB)', 'EF(-0dB)', 'BChigh(-0dB)'};
results = [{[]},, combinedToneNames].'

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Niels van Dalen
Niels van Dalen 11 Jul 2020
This works, thanks a lot man <3 :D

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