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how to load an HDF5 file in Matlab?

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Mamadou Balde
Mamadou Balde 10 Jul 2020
답변: Tim Johansson 16 Oct 2020
I am trying to load an HDF5 file I downloaded from one of the many NASA websites to create a map of temperatures recorded during a certain time period, however the load function is not loading the file at all. what else can I do to load the file?
>> gpm = load( '1B.GPM.GMI.TB2016.20190101-S001447-E014719.027510.V05A.HDF5' )
Error using load
Unknown text on line number 1 of ASCII file 1B.GPM.GMI.TB2016.20190101-S001447-E014719.027510.V05A.HDF5

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KSSV 10 Jul 2020
You should not use load to read your file. You have dedicated functions to read HDF5 files. Refer her:

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Mamadou Balde
Mamadou Balde 13 Jul 2020
Actually, I have tried using those functions but I keep errors everytime.
>> h5read('1B.GPM.GMI.TB2016.20190401-S001902-E015136.028910.V05A.HDF5')
Error using h5read (line 51)
Wrong number of input arguments.
or even this one
>> gpm = h5create( '1B.GPM.GMI.TB2016.20190101-S001447-E014719.027510.V05A.HDF5' )
Error using h5create
Too many output arguments.

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Tim Johansson
Tim Johansson 16 Oct 2020
Have you tried
hdf5info and hdf5read ?

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