Change Font in Latex Interpreter

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Remo . 2020년 7월 7일
댓글: atharva aalok . 2022년 9월 23일
Hi everyone,
I stumbled across a problem using the latex interpreter. I like to work with TeX Gyre Pagella in LaTeX documents and thererfore it would be nice if my ticks and labels in the plots also had these fonts.
As soon as I use the latex interpreter, the font is however set to the default LaTeX font computer modern. What I did up to now was using no interpreter at all, saving the plot as an svg file and the convert it with inkscape to a tex file, for which the font was updated.
Is there a possibility to do this with the latex interpreter directly?
Thank you very much!

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Sai Sri Pathuri
Sai Sri Pathuri 2020년 7월 9일
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Ben Bitdiddle
Ben Bitdiddle 2021년 1월 30일
Does not address the question of setting the font. See the title of the question "Change Font in Latex Interpreter."

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2021년 1월 31일
Not supported for current versions of MATLAB.
Note: you might be able to do it with Report Generator.
Also, there just might happen to be a way to hack it if you are using uifigures; I have seen passing reference to some customization hooks that perhaps might happen to give a way to load a latex package.
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atharva aalok
atharva aalok 2022년 9월 23일
Is it possible now?

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