detect and fit curved lines in an image

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Eric Franck
Eric Franck 2012년 12월 8일
댓글: sheeha66 2015년 3월 26일
I'm working on a project that includes lane detection and tracking; I'm able to detect straight lines in image using HT; I'd like to know how to accurately detect and fit curved lines in an image. Thanks folks
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sheeha66 2015년 3월 26일
Hi eric.My project is exactly like you but im using the b-snake rather than HT.Can I know how you removed the unwanted background such as trees and shadows from the road? What is suitable technique that you use ? I really hope for your reply.Tq

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst 2012년 12월 11일
If you have the coordinates of the pixels, you could use polyfit to fit them to a polynomial.
See articles on road following: Vision Bib
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Jürgen 2012년 12월 8일
Hough Transform can also be used for detecting curves:
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Eric Franck
Eric Franck 2012년 12월 11일
Thanks a lot for your quick reply J, I've read the paper but frankly speaking it's been kinda difficult for me to derive a working code based on that paper within these days. Can u direct me to a working code for curve fitting? not necessarily based on HT of course. the ones I hv can only detect straight lines and no curves!

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