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Save many vectors in one file

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upt0zer0 6 Dec 2012
I want to do the following:
(1) I get a lot of vectors, size [80,1] (2) This vectors should saved in a file or a workspace variable (3) but it shouldn't save [80,1],[80,1],[80,1],... it should save all as one big vektor with all elements in a row...
how can i do this?
Thx for any help.

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upt0zer0 6 Dec 2012
ok, i know what you mean. the problem is, that I want to use it in an Simulink S-Function. So with every step there is a vector with dimensions [80,1]. When the first vector come, it should saved in a variable oder file. Then next step the next vector should be written in the same variable or file. But not vector after vector ... i want it as one big vector.
alternative, this would be even better: block or function to buffer 10 vectors of size [80,1] to one vector of size {800,1]

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Thomas 6 Dec 2012
편집: Thomas 6 Dec 2012
a=rand(10,1); % first vector
b=rand(10,1); % second vector
c=rand(10,1); % third vector
out=[a b c] % combined matrix of above vectors
save(savename,'out') % save the combined vector out in test.mat

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Jan 6 Dec 2012
"I get a lot of vectors" does not reveal, how these vectors are stored. If you store them in the columns of a [80 x n] matrix, the question is solved already. If you store them in a {1 x n} cell, simply run:
M = cat(1, C{:});
If you store them in another format, please explain this, because we cannot guess such details.

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