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How to set "dbstop if error" only to stop in my code

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I use:
dbstop if error
often, to debug on any kind of error in my code.
The problem is that, when an error, it jumps to a breakpoint not only in my files, but in internal matlab functions.
And it is annoying trying to get out of those functions to reach my line where I did the error.

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the cyclist
the cyclist 3 Jul 2020
I don't think that that is possible.
Are you aware of the "function stack" capability in the user interface? I show a screenshot below. This is an extremely quick way of getting out of the MATLAB built-ins and into your own function.
That pull-down menu lists the stack of functions to reach the breakpoint. I would definitely not describe it as "annoying trying to get out of those functions", so thought maybe you are unaware.
I hope that helps.

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Jonathan Alejandro Zea
Ah, yeah, I did not know about it.
I think that solves my problem.

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