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Help Using readmatrix or readcell

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% Start writing your program here
% read excel file
%[GradesDat, GradesTxt] = xlsread('CU3141_Grades.xlsx'); THIS WAS THE ORIGINAL CODE
[GradesDat, GradesTxt]= readmatrix("CU3141_Grades.xlsx");
% store grade distribution (percentages) in a column vector "distribution"
distribution = [0.2; 0.4; 0.4];
% do inner product of grades matrix and distribution to get final grades
Final = GradesDat * distribution
% compute average grade using matlab's mean function
AveGrade = mean(Final)
% compute maximum grade using matlab's max function
MaxGrade = max(Final)
% determine maximum index using matlab's find function
MaxIndex = find(Final == MaxGrade)
% find student with maximum score
Students = GradesTxt(3:end); % extract only names for students
MaxStudent = Students(MaxIndex); % get the name of student with max score
MaxStudent = cell2mat(MaxStudent) % convert cell to character matrix (array)
% create the output message using matlab's sprintf function
Results = sprintf('The avaerage grade was %3.1f with a maximum score of %3.1f by %s.',AveGrade,MaxGrade,MaxStudent)
I am trying to not use xlsread and use readmatrix or readcell am I writing this wrong?

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dpb 3 Jul 2020
readcell will essentially return the same results as if you used the third, optional 'raw' output from xlsread -- everything will be returned as cell array instead of splitting the numeric and text data into two variables as does xlsread.
readmatrix only reads numeric data so it's not appropriate for your file.
Also NB cyclist's Answer that the syntax is wrong in there is only a single output from readmatrix or readcell, not an optional second or third as xlsread
Why are you changing? If anything, use readtable and rewrite the code to use the resulting table object given the apparent form of the file input.

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the cyclist
the cyclist 2 Jul 2020
편집: the cyclist 3 Jul 2020
According to the documentation, there is no two-output syntax for the readmatrix command. You'll need to get a deeper understanding of the differences between that command and xlsread.

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