Analog to digital converter

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Roy Cooper
Roy Cooper 2020년 6월 29일
답변: Sabin 2024년 1월 23일
I am trying to join an XOR gate to a resistor like you would in constructing a DAC but I want the bits weighted equally then summed by an op amp. What do I need to do to convert a Logic High(5V) to be able to conect that to a 1k resistor?
Also, probably a simular problem, I cannot connect ground to and opamp to create an inverting opamp. Why? How do I fix it?
Yes I am new to the Simulink enviroment.

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Sabin 2024년 1월 23일
This circuit is fundamentally wrong because it is not possible to directly connect Simulink blocks to Simscape blocks. The way Simulink is interacting tom Simsape is via Simulink-PS Converter and PS-Simulink Converter and certain blocks that have a PS port (e.g., controlled Voltage Source, sensors, etc.). Secondly, the ground is also not from Simscape and therefore not possible to connect it to the opamp. An Electrical Reference should be used instead.


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