How to get the direction form Hybrid A* path plan.

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Yuxiang Luo
Yuxiang Luo 2020년 6월 28일
답변: Rajani Mishra 2020년 7월 31일
In the RRT* algorithms, ti can output a property value called motionDirections: , but in Hybrid A* it don't have:


Rajani Mishra
Rajani Mishra 2020년 7월 31일
driving.ReedsSheppPathSegment object is reponsible for "MotionDirections" property. These objects are stored in driving.Path object which is basically based on RRT* algorithm. For RRT* algorithm the plan function is : which has "MotionDirections" property inside its output driving.Path object but for Hybrid* plan function is which doesn't contain such property.

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